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Thursday, June 20, 2024
African Canadian pioneers in the field of Skilled Trades had to overcome great obstacles to pave the way for future generations of tradespeople. Many individuals faced discrimination and even violence in their pursuit of employment. Inspite of this opposition they contributed greatly to the development of the City of Windsor.
  Early Period
Modern Era
Early Period
Walker Metal Foundry - My Dad Zeke, Artwork Courtesy of Enyale, 1997
  Painters Charles Barry
78 Mercer St
    George Green
214 Goyeau
  Carpenter John W Hall
10 11/2 Tuscarora
      George Walker
    Bricklayers Herbert Wilson
148 Goyeau
Modern Era
Skilled Tradesperson at J. L. Browning Manufacturing Co. - Photo by H. Soulliere

Morris Harding Sr. - Electrician and Business Owner (Harding Electric Co.)
Richard Harding
Shelley Harding-Smith
Morris Harding Jr.
Ace Brown - Electrician and Business Owner
Carl Kersey
Jim Allen
Conrad Hoyte
Garland Davis
Fitz Moore


Mike Allen
George Stewart
Lambert Thomas
Scott Kersey

    Carpenters Mike Kersey
Winston Walls
Alan Walls
    Welders Joey smith
Rocky Kersey
    Mould Maker Din Allen
Dale Talbot
    Automotive Industry George Dennis
David Talbot
Dennis Olbey
William Olbey
Darwin Dennis
Howard Olbey
Everett Ball
Chris Tumpkin (Cutter/Grinder)
    Others Zeke Talbot-WalkerMetals
Lloyd Watkins –Canadian Bridge
John Millben – Auto Specialties
    Plumber Leon Smith
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