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Monday, October 2, 2023
Agriculture & Greenhouses
The Prince Edward Hotel July 13, 1924  Photo Courtesy of Windsor Public Library (wpl 14-32)


Wm J Howe Barbershop
8 Pitt St

Freeman Dungy
500 block of Mercer St

Joy Oday's Shop
The International Hotel (5 barbers)

Tom Johnson's Shop
The Great Western Hotel (5 barbers)

Arlington Dungy Shop
Howard Avenue near Erie Street
postal clerk 43 years then opened barbershop on

Harry Land

Harry Olbey

Joseph Jenkins

James Hughes (circa 1900)

Joseph Browning Shop
Wyandotte Street near Mercer Street

Beauty Shops

Sarah Lawson Roberts


William Louis

Dressmakers / Tailors

Amelia William
6 Tuscarora

Elizabeth Kelly
120 Glengarry Ave


Bunk Craven's
Pitt Street


Victor Alphonso Alberts
8 V2 Tuscarora near McDougall Street

William Alexander Alberts Steam Cleaning
90 Sandwich St West (established by 1874)
Mr. William Alexander Alberts also owned a haberdashery in Detroit and was on the Board of Education.

Financial Institutions

Windsor Coloured Credit Union, Mahlon Dennis
Erie Street at Windsor Avenue

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