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Friday, August 19, 2022
Agriculture & Greenhouses
Mr. Imanuel C. Parker, Store Owner  - photo courtesy of  Nancy Morand, City of Windsor Department of Heritage Planning
  Confectionary Stores

Benjamin Baylis
Goyeau Street

William E Walker
69 McDougall
This store owner popularized candied popcorn in Windsor. He had attended school at the ‘Old barracks

William Lawson & Wilhemina Baptiste
William Lawson owned and operated a store and issued licenses while his wife Wilhemina operated a language school

Imanuel C. Parker
840 Mercer Street
Mr. and Mrs Emanuel Parker owned a confectionary that also sold hardware and supplies across from Mercer Street school. They handmade special taffy which was very popular with the students. They were both very involved in community and church work

Homer Watkins
375 Watkins Street
Homer Watkins owned a confectionary and grocery on the corner of Lot Street and Peter St. The street was later renamed Watkins Street in his honour.

Grocery & Meats

Edward Walker
164 Goyeau

Elizabeth Wilson Monroe Grocery
Corner of Mercer Street and Wyandotte Street

Meat Market - John and Porter Foster, owners
John and Porter Foster operated large stalls at the market which sold many varieties of meats and products.
S J Johnson Grocery
Location unknown – existed circa 1910

Liquor Store

Sandwich St. East
Dunn’s liquor store was located near the Windsor Opera House.

Cigar Shops

Henry Stephens `Segars'
Henry Stephens opened his shop in Windsor using cigar rolling skills he learned as slave.


Henry Walker
Corner of McDougall & Assumption


Border City Tire

Dunn Bros

James and Robert Dunn - Acme White Works / J. L. Dunn's Varnish Co.

The Dunn brothers invented a varnish process and began a business on Goyeau Street on the site of the Bell Building. The business eventually moved to the corner of Parent and Albert Streets where they set up factory in 1881. The company went on to supply varnish and paint to the Massey-Harris Company.

Ford employees

Edward William
71 Mercer Street

George William
70 Louis Street

William J Perry Sr., Inspector
William J. Perry Sr. began his career at Ford Motor Company in September of 1940.

Hiram Walkers employees

Henry Walker

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