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Friday, July 12, 2024
Traditional forms of music include praise songs, love ballads, war songs, poems, pangas (daggers), jazz spirituals, funeral dirges, work songs, calypsos, limbo, church hollers, reggae rhythm, blues freedom, marches, and soul. For all these forms rhythm is the basis for music and poetry.

Music has been an important part of community life since the foundations of this community. Marching Bands provided entertainment for the thousands who viewed the Emancipation Day Parades. Talent competitions showcased local talent. Church groups promoted the art form at various church functions as well as in the churches themselves. The city was home to many church choirs and choral groups including the Naomi Banks choir, The Sharon Wilson Chorus, Adoramus Choir and the Naidanac Choral Group. Many talented musicians got their start performing in local churches.


George ‘Wild Child’ Butler
Johnie Chase
Dickie Johnston
Charlotte Watkins Maxey
Leslie McCurdy
Leonard McIntyre
Hazel Solomon
Tamia Washington

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