Cultural Engines

This digitized display presents a collection of images, videos, artifacts and stories that enrich the cultural community in Windsor. Cultural Engines is the histories of the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Windsor Public Library and the Windsor Symphony Orchestra.


Colours of South Asia

A new community website commemorating the contributions and culture of the South Asian community in Windsor.
The website honours and highlights the culture of South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Rising Dragon

The history of Chinese Canadians in Windsor. This exhibit brought together pieces of information from the recollections of people who have knowledge of the past and from artifacts and photographs that have been past down through generations.

The Arabic Tapestry

Come explore the diverse Arabic world and discover its rich and colourful culture. You will learn of the fascinating ethnic mosaic that forms the local Arabic cultural community and of the strong common thread that binds them as a people, who have made many contributions to the development and growth of Windsor and Essex County.

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A Song in Thy Praise

Scottish culture and tradition is so ingrained in the roots of the Windsor-Essex region that it has become easy to overlook. Scots have been settling in this region since France ceded its North American territories to Britain in the mid-eighteenth century. they were merchants and businessmen and politicians and farmers, and their legacy is the city of Windsor that you see today.

Italian Canadian Community

The Italian community has imprinted itself on the history and culture of Windsor. This digitized exhibition provides a cultural collage of the people, businesses, social and sporting events and religious activities of this vital community throughout their history in the area.

African Canadian Community

This website provides an opportunity to recognize and pay tribute to the vital role of the African Canadian community in the Windsor Mosaic. In an attempt to display this rich heritage we have collected photographs, artifacts, documents and personal recollections. Welcome!

Veterans Memories

Veterans’ Memories honours the war veterans of Windsor & Essex County by providing site visitors with the opportunity to recognize, appreciate and remember their achievements and sacrifices. Unforgettable experiences are illuminated by precious artefacts, amazing photographs and interviews that document the contributions of veterans who served in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

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Ukrainian Dreams

Ukrainians have made great contributions to the Canadian and Windsor community. In fact, many Canadian athletes, politicians, artists, academics, professionals and working class individuals are of Ukrainian heritage. This website provides an examination of the history, culture, commerce, and personal stories that make up the local Ukrainian community of Windsor and Essex County.


Polonia Windsor

Polonia Windsor is a web site that provides cultural and educational news and information about the Polish Community in the Windsor area. The link is provided as a service to the community.
Windsor Public Library is not responsible for the content.



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